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In my astro blog you will find out all the important dates from the lunar calendar 2022, information on the astrological time quality and also when Portal Days 2022 are, or what a Mercury retrograde means. I report on the quality of time, the respective full moon or new moon and deliver a monthly cosmic timetable.

What are portal days anyway? Here in my Astro Blog you will learn about planetary transits and understand the moon signs based on the full moon and new moon. You will find many articles on astrology and also a lot of knowledge about horoscopes, your zodiac sign, ascendant and much more.


Lunar eclipse: 5 reasons for your suffering
5 Reasons You Suffer About the Total Lunar Eclipse. eclipse headaches and mood swings and more. Maybe I can give you a little explanation and remedy here:
Blood Moon 8.11.22/XNUMX/XNUMX: Total lunar eclipse in Taurus
We are approaching the total lunar eclipse, the so-called blood moon on 8.11.22/XNUMX/XNUMX. Lunar eclipses are a great time to bring our attention inwardly to the changes we want to experience externally within ourselves but need to intensely align internally first. Whether we can accept it or not, this is a welcome time for dealing with the emotions that create negative thoughts and beliefs. 
Transforming: the November 2022 horoscope
Monthly horoscope November 2022: The monthly horoscope for the time quality of Scorpio is as mythical as the fog that currently accompanies us every day. Many astro events are currently shaping the quality of the mysterious zodiac sign Scorpio, which confronts us with its very own darkness.
Leo 2023: His destiny for the coming year!
Leo 2023: An outlook for the zodiac sign in 2023. What awaits the radiant &
Solar eclipse at the Scorpio new moon on 25.10.22/XNUMX/XNUMX
Solar eclipse for Scorpio New moon on 25.10.22/2022/XNUMX: The last eclipse season XNUMX is open Partial solar eclipse on
Samhain, the Celtic New Year festival, is upon us. Here are some ideas!
Samhain, the Celtic New Year festival, is upon us. Here are some ideas and rituals! Samhain festival
Powerful into the Martian year 2023
Powerful into the Martian year 2023 Year of Mars 2023: How will the year 2023 be astrologically? Which one
The miracle of the new moons 2023 lunar calendar
The miracle of the new moons 2023 lunar calendar On the one hand, the moon represents our emotional world, strong female energy
Lust and courage with Lilith in the lion 2023
Lilith in Cancer 2022: During this time, many people were deep inner childlike healings with the help of their ancestors, spirits and biological ancestors.